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Onwards: Outlier raises Series B

When Mike and I started Outlier in 2015, the idea that a software system could analyze a business like a human sounded like science fiction. What would it look like? How would it work? Could it work? These were the questions we faced from everyone we spoke to about what we wanted to build.

Four years later, Outlier has proven that not only can software analyze a business using artificial intelligence (AI) but that it’s become a necessity to compete. Data has exploded in both size and diversity, overwhelming human analysts and making it harder to use data to make decisions. Today, Outlier is trusted by many of the top Fortune 500 companies to find the emerging opportunities and risks in the data, automatically, transforming data from a burden into a competitive advantage. With millions of consumers, these companies rely on Outlier’s ability to ask better questions, without requiring human supervision, to keep them ahead of changes in their business. 

We are at the beginning of a revolution in how businesses are run, and what Outlier’s platform does today is only the beginning. We are building the world’s first truly automated decision analysis platform, one that will change business in the same way GPS changed navigation. Instead of wasting time staring at spreadsheets and charts, tomorrow’s business will speak to you and tell you what decisions you need to make. The business of the future will be fueled by data, data which speaks to us continuously to bring us insights when we need them.

Even though we are early in our journey, our vision is ambitious. To that end we are excited to have the support of some of the best venture capital firms in the world, supporting our ambition with the resources necessary to achieve them. We are excited to add Emergence Capital to that list, as they led our Series B to help accelerate the development and growth of the Outlier platform. Joe Floyd and the team at Emergence not only share our vision for the future of business decision making, but they understand how different Outlier is from any other analytics product that’s ever been built. We have built a product designed for businesses that will exist ten years from now, not ones from ten years ago. 

What does this new funding mean for Outlier? You’ll see our platform improve more rapidly, expanding to help our customers make better use of their data. You’ll see us talk more about our impact for customers and how we are changing the way companies operate. You’ll see more of us in general as this revolution gains steam. 

Some things will never change, including our philosophy of zero effort configuration so that you can set up Outlier in minutes, no matter how powerful it becomes. Outlier will never wait for you to ask the right question, it will bring you the right questions quickly regardless of how large your data becomes. We will also never compromise on our focus on our customers and their success. We will always measure our success through the success of our customers over not just one day or month, but over years of working together. 

Behind Outlier is a diverse team of experienced leaders and experts who are the core engine that is making this revolution possible. In a sea of technology companies, Outlier stands apart for focusing on the humans behind the scenes both at our customers, but also on our own team. We are hiring for all positions across all of our offices and remote, and cannot wait to add more people to our team that want to change how businesses work. 

I am more excited for the potential of Outlier today than I was four years ago when we were just getting started. The next decade is going to see a transformation in how businesses operate, and Outlier is lucky to be at the forefront of that change. I look forward to seeing how this revolution unlocks new opportunities and new ways of running businesses.