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Product Update: Requested Improvements to Explore have arrived!

As an analyst or business leader, you use Outlier to find important insights automatically. And, we do that with great fidelity overnight. The Outlier Explore Feature provides all the search capabilities you need to dig in more once you find something interesting. And, the best news is Explore just got better. 

With Explore you can instantly find and understand behavior across any metric and dimension in your business. Users can easily view a specific range of dates or a different time horizon (daily, weekly, or monthly). Previously, the view would reset the time horizon and date range when choosing different dimensions or upon successive searches in explore.

Customers asked for it to be easier to compare the same period across different segments of their business by saving the view throughout the session. Recently, Explore started to maintain the time horizon and date range of data as you navigate through different segments of your data. In the graphic below, the horizon remains on Week for the period of June to November 2018 as we search across our business.

Reading Product Update: Requested Improvements to Explore have arrived
Reading Product Update: Requested Improvements to Explore have arrived

In addition to maintaining your view across data, Outlier also increased the historic date range of data supported in the Explore window to include the full history of the data you have integrated into Outlier. We know these changes make it easier for you to compare and understand important differences across your business. 

We also just announced that Our Comments feature in Outlier got more powerful! Commenting has always allowed you to add context to a story and collaborate with teammates. With this update, you can now tag specific team members, ensuring they (and only they) get alerted to your comment.

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