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Discover: Pinpoint Problems to Trust Your Data

In data we trust? Are you convinced that you can trust your data? Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had the luxury of time to identify the root cause of your data quality problems? Turns out you can identify data quality problems before you have to make data-driven decisions. 

The challenge is that most organizations don’t know what they don’t know. When data is missing, they can’t trust business intelligence visualization solutions to catch missing or corrupted data. When data cannot be analyzed to make quick decisions what ends up is an unclear picture of where to start the investigation into their data.

The key is to identify any data quality problems before having to make critical, data-driven decisions. But, how can you discover hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find manually? There is an opportunity for your business to automatically catch data quality issues so you can trust your next data-driven decision. 

This Outlier story above showcases how Outlier found corrupted data, which happens when only a portion of your data is present. By automatically identifying data corruption problems you can quickly address the problems and recover the true data before it’s too late.  

In one case, a media company tracked data quality issues through Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform. In a recent monthly recap, Outlier showed an alarming story about page views decreasing for a web property. The daily and weekly decreases weren’t noticeable, but when aggregated over a whole month told a concerning story. When the web analytics team started to dig into this Outlier story, they realized incorrect tagging had been placed on the site for the last few months. Based on this information, they were able to conclude page views actually were not decreasing and corrected the tagging issue quickly.

Without Outlier, the media company would have missed the macro trend of Google referrer traffic going down or discovered, ultimately, a data “entry” issue existed instead of any actual traffic change. It would have taken hours to find this insight with Google Analytics.

Outlier analyzes your data automatically so that you can take action tomorrow. Three additional reasons to consider Outlier to analyze all your data. 

  • Immediately identify missing data to pinpoint exactly what data is missing and quicken the investigation process and confirm that there is a data quality issue versus a business insight
  • Fit into your existing workflow to serve up the insights that matter in a digestible format and provide a quick-to-read daily update
  • Provides fast time to value by seamlessly integrating with over dozens of cloud and on-premise data sets within minutes and be able to test multiple integrations simultaneously

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