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Demystify: Analyze all your data across multiple tools

Got data? Got a lot of data across multiple tools? Ever dreamt about analyzing all that data to figure out what’s hiding and actually take action on it? It’s possible and it doesn’t require a data scientist or data lake

Many organizations struggle with this same challenge. They have multiple data sources with web analytics, revenue data, sales data, advertising spend or bookings information across cloud-based or on-premise data repositories. Many aren’t sure what gems are hidden in the data and rarely are they able to analyze across these data sources simultaneously. 

Analyze all your data across multiple tools
Analyze all your data across multiple tools

And, you likely rely on this data to make quick data-driven business decisions. Wouldn’t it be great to actually know what hidden patterns or relationships exist in that data? These unexpected changes are challenges that need to be addressed for your business to flourish or opportunities for you to leverage to propel your business. 

This Outlier story above showcases how we find unexpected patterns across multiple data sources. In this example, we’ve analyzed two different SQL databases. One which includes inventory data and the other that includes checkout data. As a line of business owner, you likely have 2-3 on-premise data repositories and 4-6 cloud-based data sources. To analyze all this data, you need either a team of data scientists or more time in the day. 

Outlier analyzes your data automatically so that you can take action tomorrow. Three additional reasons to consider Outlier to analyze all your data. 

  • Seamlessly integrate with over dozens of cloud and on-premise data sources in minutes
  • Identify correlations across silos without requiring a data lake or massive data integrations
  • Outlier doesn’t require any prior analysis to start

Watch a webinar to see for yourself.