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Data Lake Problems: You invested in a data lake and now all of your data is in one place. So, what do you do next?

Did you know over 90% of deployed data lakes will be useless as they are overwhelmed with information assets captured for uncertain use cases.1 The “data lake” wave has seen companies spending significant amounts of money unifying their data into one location, but once it’s complete the next step is unclear. Welcome, to your data lake problem. How do you find value in that unified data? Your existing systems are not set up for that kind of data explosion and even the most advanced data tools will only answer the questions you know to ask. How do you extract all of the hidden opportunities and problems hiding in that data lake? How do you get a return on your data lake investment?

The solution is Automated Business Analysis from Outlier. Outlier connects to your data lake in minutes, and without requiring configuration, report building or even queries it will bring the most important insights to you automatically. Every function in your company needs different insights from your data lake, and Outlier is fully automated so it is like giving each of those people a virtual data scientist who mines through the entire data lake everyday looking for insights specifically for that end user.

Even better, if you include additional data to the data lake Outlier scales with the data volume because, unlike a human analyst, it’s not limited by the number of hours in the day. The more data you put into your data lake, the more value you extract meaning that you can turn any and all of your data into a competitive advantage. This means that as your data scales so does your value.

The enormously fast time-to-value of the Outlier platform means that you can deploy Outlier tomorrow and begin to get insights from your data lake in just a few days that you can share with your leadership team, board and management to show the impact your data lake can have on the business.

Outlier supports all major data lake platforms. Your integration takes minutes and your insights arrive immediately, allowing you to show value from your data lake almost overnight. We offer a risk-free trial program so you can try Outlier, see it in action and see those insights in action before having to make a purchasing decision. There is no better way to see what value is hiding in your data lake than to try Outlier so why not give it a try?

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1Gartner, “Metadata Is the Fish Finder in Data Lakes”, by Guido De Simoni. Published on March 21, 2017.