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Outlier Selected as Favorite AI Start-Up by Leading Pharma Forum

Outlier wins PRISME Startup Competition
Outlier wins PRISME Startup Competition

Outlier recently took first place honors during the Pharmaceutical R&D Information Systems Management Executives Forum (PRISME Forum). Headlining the 2018 North American Fall Technical Meeting’s artificial intelligence (AI) start-up competition, Outlier was lauded for its new way of thinking about data analysis and relevance to the context of the meeting’s theme:  “Data-readiness in a World of AI.”

Instead of requiring intensive manual exploration of data to find value, Outlier uses artificial intelligence techniques to automatically find the valuable patterns hiding in company data. After spending only a few minutes connecting Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform to company data, customers immediately begin to receive useful and insightful insights from data, personalized to their needs.

Senior leaders among the top 40 global “biotech and pharma” R&D information management and technology (“R&D IT”) organizations comprise PRISME Forum members. The Forum meeting semi-annually, in North America and Europe. As a forward-looking organization, PRISME is widely known for identifying and benchmarking pre-competitive trends in R&D Information Technology. Results are shared among member companies and best practices are reviewed to facilitate drug discovery and development within members’ respective companies.

You can check out a webinar to see the Outlier technology in action and hear about how we help several pharmaceutical companies track changes in prescriptions, drug trials, insurance claims, and insurance fraud.