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Marketing and Data Highlights: Outlier Speaks at Argyle Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum

Last week, Sean Byrnes spoke at the Argyle Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum. For the panel entitled “Crafting Your Marketing Strategy with Analytics and Data,” Argyle assembled a cast of accomplished marketing professionals. Sean Byrnes, CEO and Founder of Outlier, joined this cast due to his extensive background in analytics and data. You might not have been in New York City with us and because of that we’re bringing a bit of the panel to you. Here are three marketing and data highlights.

Outlier speaks about data and analytics
Outlier speaks about data and analytics

Highlight One:  Customer Segments are Constantly Changing

Sean brought up how customer segments are constantly changing and without monitoring these segments continuously you could miss out on customer trends and also marketing opportunities.

Our favorite quote from Sean was, Customers don’t sit around. We need to listen to where they move next. We can do that by listening to data now with Automated Business Analysis platforms, like Outlier.” He mentioned a current Outlier customer, Jack Rogers, who found changing product interest in footwear. Sean believes that the next great marketing strategy is hiding in your marketing data.

Highlight Two:  Data  Brings Teams Together

Sean finds that every role is now using data. As a result, the barriers between functions are being broken down. One example is that we’ve seen marketing teams get interested in customer service data. Why? One of our luxury online retail customers got interested in their customer data due to a web promotion. Please explain, right?

One of our customer’s marketing teams wanted to re-establish a connection with customers who hadn’t logged in recently. They reached out to these prospects and offered them a web promotional coupon via email. Unfortunately, there was an error with the web coupon and they found themselves with zero conversion based on their outreach. The marketing team was bummed with these results.

The daily Outlier update discovered a relationship between the rise in customer service tickets and the prospect email. The CMO dug into the relationship in customer service tickets after their marketing email was sent with the web-based promotional coupon. The Outlier insight brought the marketing and customer service teams together to solve an issue — all because of the data.

Highlight Three:  Should Marketing   Drive Marketing Strategy or  Should the Data Drive Marketing Strategy?

Sean, as a consummate data guy, said data should drive decisions and shared this example where consumers’ taste change and this quick-serve restaurant found highlights in their data after a store redesign. Read more on the story here. The panel was lively. Hope you enjoyed these three marketing and data highlights.

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