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Outlier Integrates Amazon Redshift Enabling Automated Business Analysis for Amazon S3

Outlier continues to expand its integration support with data warehouse leaders, including Amazon Redshift and its Spectrum feature. Announced as part of Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis and Root Cause Analysis release, the integration with Amazon Redshift enables Outlier’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) technology to perform deep analysis on data critical to the operations of many of today’s top businesses.

Outlier can now perform automated business analysis on all Amazon S3 data that is exposed through Amazon Redshift. “Integrating Outlier was a critical step in expanding our customers data analytics capabilities within Amazon’s ecosystem, “said said Sean Byrnes, CEO, Outlier. “This integration unlocks more value for our mutual customers and increases their ROI with both platforms.”

Outlier + Amazon Redshift Integration
Outlier + Amazon Redshift Integration

With the ability to deliver daily insights, Outlier’s integration with Amazon Redshift can now:

  • Access the Spectrum feature to handle an extremely large set of data extracts.
  • Receive support for formats like Parquet while keeping S3 data intact.
  • Take immediate action by identifying the root cause with insights on the primary drivers impacting the business.
Outlier + Amazon Redshift Integration: Outlier detects increase in returns of men's shorts
Outlier + Amazon Redshift Integration: Outlier detects increase in returns of men’s shorts

Outlier identifies unexpected changes across business data so that marketing, data scientists and analysts can make more informed decisions quickly. As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find manually with AI algorithms. Adding any integration only takes minutes, and each integration helps global organizations learn more about different aspects of their business.

To learn how to leverage automated business analysis for yourself, go to here to see videos, read more stories and stay informed.