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Outlier Expands Data Analytics Reach with Apache Druid Integration

Outlier’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) technology now delivers the ability to analyze massive amounts of data quickly with the integration of Apache Druid. Announced as part of Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis and root cause analysis release, Apache Druid delivers the ability to quickly analyze across large, dimensioned and streaming data.

Apache Druid has become one of the most powerful distributed data stores used to store and query large event streams in real time. Since Apache Druid is optimized for streaming data and very fast queries, it’s an ideal partner for Outlier which explores vast amounts of data to highlight important insights for our customers. Together, Outlier and Apache Druid provide their customers with the ability to collect and analyze all the data generated by their business no matter how large that data becomes.

With this integration, Outlier helps Apache Druid users unlock the hidden value in the massive amounts of data they store using our platform. Additionally, the automated Root Cause Analysis feature from Outlier shows how Druid’s ability to store enormous data sets can empower faster analysis for its customers.

Outlier + Druid integration
Outlier + Druid integration

The integration of Apache Druid provides daily insights to Outlier customers in order to:

  • Focus on movements in ad monetization.
  • Surfaces urgent bugs in developer code to quickly resolve issues.
  • Identify significant changes in advertiser spend and publisher revenue.  
Outlier + Druid integration: Outlier finds spike in Apache Druid data.
Outlier + Druid integration: Outlier finds spike in Apache Druid data.

Outlier identifies unexpected changes across business data so that marketing, data scientists and analysts can make more informed decisions quickly. As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find manually with AI algorithms. Adding any integration only takes minutes, and each integration helps global organizations learn more about different aspects of their business.

Learn how leverage Automated Business Analysis for yourself, go to here to see videos, read more stories and stay informed.