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Outlier Expands Cloud Services Integration with Google Ads and Now Supports Google Analytics Segments

Outlier’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) technology now integrates seamlessly with Google Ads and expands Google Analytics integration to include Google Segments cloud services.  Announced as part of Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis and Root Cause Analysis release, Outlier continues to expand its integration offerings with cloud services.

“Google Ads is one of the most used channels for customer acquisition and the ability to access Google Segments insights through Google Analytics provides rich and detailed user data on those campaign efforts. Both tools are essential cloud services for Outlier’s marketing customers,” said, Sean Byrnes, CEO, Outlier. “With Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform, already integrated with Google Analytics, the addition of Google Ads and access to Google Segments data expands our ability to deliver important insights across the Google ecosystem.”

Outlier + Google Adwords Integration
Outlier + Google Adwords Integration

The integration of Google Ads, allows Outlier customers to execute deep automated analysis across Google Ads campaign efforts on a daily basis. With Outlier, digital marketers can now:

  • Identify the root cause of underperforming ad campaigns to make quick adjustments to get the campaign back on track.
  • Understand when ad campaign efforts are performing differently than expected.
  • Deliver unexpected insights to identify what campaigns are contributing most to spend or increased page views.
  • Uncover customer interest spikes around a specific campaign.

Outlier empowers marketing teams to quickly take advantage of that opportunity to drive more revenue. With the additional access to Google Segments data through Google Analytics, Outlier customers receive more impactful analysis on data subsets.

Outlier + Google Adwords Integration shows CPM spike for ads in California and Oakland
Outlier + Google Adwords Integration shows CPM spike for ads in California and Oakland

Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Segments provide a tremendous amount of valuable data for Google customers to leverage. Outlier’s integration, with many of Google’s cloud services, brings to market a streamlined solution that surfaces critical insights, providing added value to Google customers.

Outlier identifies unexpected changes across business data so that marketing, data scientists and analysts can make more informed decisions quickly. As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find manually with AI algorithms. Adding any integration only takes minutes, and each integration helps global organizations learn more about different aspects of their business.

Learn how leverage Automated Business Analysis for yourself, go to here to see videos, read more stories and stay informed.


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