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Data Science: CTO shares his thoughts on how leveraging data science helps companies make better decisions

Heard enough about data science, yet? Our CTO, Mike Kim, was interviewed by Software Engineering Daily. Mike spoke about how data science helps companies make better decisions.

In the interview, Mike shared his thoughts on what machines are good at doing, including mathematical computations. He also shared what humans are good at doing, including problem resolution. Many customers have millions of mathematical calculations across multiple datasets where they analyze customer behavior and market trends. Marketers want to understand “the why” behind their business results. Understanding “the why” allows marketers to harness current momentum or even de-emphasize under-performing campaigns. helps you ask better questions of your data so that you can get better business results — all based on data science.

Data Science Podcast Summary

Listen to this podcast to understand the following:

  • How AI helps you understand which of your multi-channel marketing efforts are performing best and, most importantly, why they are performing well
  • How spending thousands of dollars on data visualization tools isn’t the best way to put your data to work for you
  • How top retailers and consumer goods organizations use’s data science-based platform daily to make business decisions immediately, which impact revenue, inventory, customer satisfaction, etc.

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