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Data Driven Discussions: Building Better Data (Manufacturing)

Data Driven Discussions are honest conversations with leaders at diverse companies about how they use data to make decisions.

In this episode I interview Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, the CEO of Instrumental which is bringing data, machine learning, and intelligence to the assembly line. Manufacturing is an old industry that has been resistant to change and new technologies, even as the products it builds have gotten more complex. That is changing as factories are considering new technologies a necessity to stay competitive and productive. Data will be the key to this innovation. Products like the Instrumental System will enable factories and the brands that build in them to collect data that was not available before and to use algorithms to find defects the moment they happen on the assembly line.

In this discussion we’ll learn a lot about manufacturing and how data is changing how it works including:

  • What is a “bone pile” and why does it hurt manufacturing productivity? (4:23)
  • How does having data change the way factories operate? (9:11)
  • What kind of new opportunities will data unlock for manufacturing? (17:34)

Listen to the episode below: