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Data Driven Discussions – I Fought the Law and the Data Won (Legal Operations)

In this episode, I interview Nathan Wenzel, CEO of SimpleLegal, about the emerging field of legal operations. Although legal is one of the oldest professions (and one that is instrumental in operating a successful business), it’s only recently that companies have started to bring on dedicated legal operations specialists to more efficiently run the department. Legal operations is responsible for managing the money spent on lawyers and law firms to ensure the best return on investment. Nathan tells us all about this new function and how data is changing how companies run their corporate legal departments.

nathan wenzel law

In this discussion about legal operations, we’ll learn more about:

  • Why legal bills are delivered in crates (3:46)
  • Top KPIs used to measure lawyers and outside law firms (6:17)
  • Ways companies leverage data to make informed decisions about legal matters (9:27)

Listen to the episode below:

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