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Data Driven Discussions Podcast – Data Analytics Tools for Schools: Using Data to Improve Education

In episode 105, Maya Hope, former VP of Product and Data at eSpark, which provides educational software tools to schools is interviewed by Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier.

In recent years, data has become a big part of how schools are run and has started to change the way teachers approach education. Maya is an expert in both data and education and tells us about how data is used to make decisions for students, teachers, and schools.

“The really cool frontiers of data are where you apply it to non-quantitative fields.” – Maya Hope, VP of Product and Data, eSpark Learning

In this discussion we’ll learn a lot about education, including:

  • How does data permeate the education industry? (1:42)
  • What metrics are utilized in the education industry? (3:44)
  • How do we evaluate the efficacy of an investment in education? (8:52)
  • Were you ever misled by the data? (13:34)
  • How do you utilize data without numbers? (15:58)

Listen to the episode below:

August 16, 2017 | Host: Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier

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