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Data Driven Discussions Podcast – News That Matters to You: Data in Newsletters

In episode 104, Jonathan Kressaty, former head of marketing at Mattermark which helps sales teams find potential customers is interviewed by Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier.

Mattermark also runs two very successful email newsletters, Raise the Bar and the Mattermark Daily, which reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers everyday. Jonathan explains how data drives everything about their newsletters including the content, subscriber focus, and eventual measures of success.

“You’ve got to have that very open line of communication between the data partner and the engagement partner.” – Jonathan Kressaty, former Head of Marketing, Mattermark

In this discussion we’ll learn a lot about email newsletters and how Mattermark has become so successful, including:

  • How can data help you choose the right content to deliver through a newsletter? (2:56)
  • Why do they measure their newsletter like a brand marketing campaign? (4:18)
  • Why does Jonathan always wait 90 days before measuring success? (5:36)

Listen to the episode below:

August 1, 2017 | Host: Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier

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