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Data Driven Discussions Podcast – From Warehouse to Your House: Data in E-commerce

In episode 103 of Data Driven Discussions, Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier, speaks with Ari Akerstein, an expert on e-commerce and formerly one of the product leaders at

We all buy things online, but it is not clear from the outside how data is used to turn a clicks on a website into cardboard boxes on our doorsteps. Ari walks us through how one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies uses data to build and optimize e-commerce products.

“We have more data coming in than we know how to actually handle and extract meaning from.” – Ari Akerstein, former Principal Product Manager,

In this discussion we’ll answer a lot of questions about this industry, including:

  • Overview of the complexity involved in measuring how a product flows through all touch points on an online retail site. (1:07)
  • A discussion on first-party vs. third-party sellers and the nuances involved in showing the right offer on an item page. (3:28)
  • How organizations work to make data-driven decisions. An example of using data in working with buyers on a major site redesign. (9:55)
  • Where data goes wrong or can lead data-driven organizations astray – how dashboards can mislead an organization. (11:52)
  • The future of data-driven organizations: using data to create feedback loops to improve decision velocity and effectiveness. (17:51)

Listen to the episode below:

July 25, 2017 | Host: Sean Byrnes, co-founder and CEO of Outlier

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