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Data Driven Discussions – Music You May Like: How Pandora Uses Data

Today I am excited to announce the official launch of our podcast, Data Driven Discussions. Here on Data Driven Discussions we speak with leaders from many industries about how they use data to help their businesses and to better understand the role that data science plays in running a successful business.

In this first episode I interview Alex White. Alex is the founder and head of Next Big Sound, the data group at a leading online music service: Pandora. Music is a competitive industry. Even though it’s driven by artistic creativity, the business of music is driven heavily by data. Alex walks us through how difficult it can be to get reliable data about music and how data can become a competitive advantage.

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In this discussion we’ll answer a lot of questions about the industry, including:

  • How do services like Next Big Sound gather data on what people think about music? (3:28)
  • What does Alex look for when evaluating business intelligence tools? (11:49)
  • How did Nicki Minaj fool the advanced algorithms at Next Big Sound? (13:35)

Listen to the episode below:

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